Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Do Cicadas Taste Like Chicken?

Ask Sarah!
At Camp Discover
(summertime 5 day bible/activity camp at Glen Ellyn Bible Church)
the CM Director
(Children's Ministries Director--that would be Sarah)
challenged the 140 kid-attendees to bring in groceries to help stock the local community food pantry. She told them that if they filled a designated space (about 5 foot diameter) with groceries from floor to ceiling, that she would eat a cicada :/
As you can imagine, lots of LARGE items came in and the kids did succeed in meeting the challenge. Here she is downing the crunchy tid-bit.
Admirable dedication, Sarah! and good results for the food pantry.


Andrea said...

The look on your face is absolutely priceless.

Sailor Sue said...

You are brave to eat a cicada. But my advise (take it as you may) is to keep the challenge on the goal (bringing in food) and leave your pallet out of it. Otherwise you might find yourself eating.....who knows. (Goat is popular down here.) In the end, those that benefit are grateful either way and you don'possibly get indigestion.