Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Alfie Probably Doesn't Know

Hey Y'all in the DR

Well, Suz, I was intrigued by your Alfie essay and wanted to comment but your post wouldn't let me (Maybe you inadvertently checked "don't allow reader comments" under "post options" or maybe you meant to block response. I doubt that...that would not be Suzish.)

Anyway, I too have pondered the "what's it all about" question (especially while relaxing at the tanning booth...see above) and have come to a few conclusions .

I believe that we are created with a yearning to seek something...someplace...someone bigger than ourselves. And so, even though I am NOT drawn to the sea as you and Scott are, I understand your adventuring spirit and your desire to continue the cruising life for whatever while you can. It seems you are on a mission of sorts and may still be aways from saying "mission accomplished"..."done". I understand that too. Gotta work it. You'll know when it's "done". In the meantime, I think you sailors are putting an interesting concept into practice. Remember that banner Mom made for Mike & I for our wedding?..."Joy is in the making, not the finishing of things"...Hmmmmm

I also believe that relationships are more important than anything, anyplace, any activity. So, I appreciate that you are making an obvious effort to keep connection with all us landlubbers while you hoist the whatever and jig the jag. I do miss you and would like you both to be closer, but I don't question your love and commitment to fam. I realize that at times there will be "high tides" of communication and at other times trickles. That's OK.

But I do admit...I hope that the "family sailors" will continue to nurture a desire to sail home often to family.

Well, that's all for now, Alfie. My fur is getting singed in this tanning booth and I hate when that happens.

Bye for now from the DG


Sailor Sue said...

Hey, I forgot all about that banner. Mom sure had the right idea. Although even she might think this cruising lifestyle a bit much. Thanks for the response reflection.

We will be back home in October and maybe for longer. Working on that.

Talk to you soon....

Cindy said...

Yes, I agree...Mom was onto something with that banner. Even Bob Budde keyed into its wisdom. I remember him waxing eloquent (RJ Budde style) over those words as he viewed the banner on our Mozart apartment wall. That was only 34 years ago :) Time does fly and I figure the S & S October pilgrimage to the north will be here in the "snap of a summer".