Monday, 4 June 2007


OOOPAAAAA!!!! said Mike as he safely escaped the singe of saganaki flames at The Parthenon in Greek Town this past Saturday night.
The evening was marked by Lots-O-Lamb, Rots-O-Rodytis and a big portion of good conversation and laughter. Missed you, Jeff, Kim, Steph, Sue & Scott. Thanks, Andrea, for once again utilizing your "Julie skills" and getting us organized for this outing. Next "dinner out" planned for end of summer. By the way, for those who missed this family Sarah's friend, Brad.


Sailor Sue said...

Ooopaaa Ooopaaa Dooooo! Looks like you all had a great time. Never a dull moment in Greek Town. Great pictures. Thanks for posting. I think you should get together before each Cub game so that they keep winning!!!!

Scott said...

Ok, I know I've been away for awhile but is it just me or is Mike looking more and more like Billy Crystal? (Mike you lool Mahvalus!)
Also, wait...who's Brad? No further Brad/Sara business until Brad can be appropiately teased by Uncle Capt. Scott! Fly to Luperon at once!

Uncle Capt. Scott

Sarah said...

I don't know about this teasing/screening business for significant others. I think you forfeit your place on the screening committee when you move out of the country :)