Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Keep It Going, Sarah


Great to have you back into a running regimen with former (and future) roommate, Meghan. Can't even tell which photo is the "before" and which is the "after" at the 10K run this past Saturday in Wheaton. Keep on.


Sailor Sue said...

Way to go! From an aunt whose running is considered putting one foot in front of the other (as in walking) I'm always impressed with those who can run races. You look happy even after the race. Beware of cousin Leah. She'll get you running a marathon before you know it!

Keep on running!

Scott said...

Hey Sarah-
Nice going. . . 10k is about 5500 fathoms! . . . really!
Uncle Capt. Scott

Sarah said...

Wow. 5500 fathoms sounds so much better than 10K. Of course, were I running under water...that could be challenging :)


LeahC said...

nice job sarah!

Andrea said...

Speaking as someone who will only run from danger, or towards food, I am very impressed.