Wednesday, 4 April 2007

And We're Back

I have started a new WRB Junction site to get it moved over the new blogger. I don't know what this is going to do to inviting new folks. You will have to get a google account, but I do believe that the invitiation will direct you to do this.

The good thing about that is that once you have a google account you can get gmail which = awesome.

Stay tuned as this site gets updated and overhauled.


Sailor Sue said...

Thanks Leah for paying attention to this blog and updating it. Maybe there will be something to post after the Cub home opener!?!?!?

Sailor Sue

LeahC said...

Hi Sailor Sue!!! thanks for commenting. I think this blog is a very good place for us to all stay connected, so I am hoping to keep it more up to snuff than it was before.

Scott said...

Great to have the junction again. I hope we all drop in and write once in a while.