Tuesday, 24 April 2007

How's This Going?

By lack of comments and posts I am just wondering if this is working for everyone. The Scott and Sue crew really like to hear what's going on with family even if it doesn't seem that interesting to you. So let's try and post more! Please please let me know if there are problems with posting or comments or viewing the blog.

So our Fermilab volleyball team finally had some good games yesterday. We won 2/3 and played very team like. We have been cranky towards each other which never helps because as most of you know, I don't particularly like to be yelled at....but yesterday we were back on game. Calmly playing the other team, no pushing or shoving or yelling.

Jason and I are again signed up for the marathon which is very exciting. We signed up just in time too since it closed the next afternoon. My roommate from college, Bridgette who you all might remember from the wedding, is also signed up to run it this year. This will be her first introduction to the marathon so I am hoping she enjoys the race as much as I do. The race this year will be on October 7th, so mark your calendars now! I am going to be trying to qualify for Boston and I do not feel bad about shamelessly asking for spectators :-) I need to drop 5 minutes from my time last year but will be training to drop 10 minutes, going from a 3:45 to a 3:35. I need a 3:40:59 to qualify.

That's all that's happening in the Welty-Rieger world....oh yeah....

Jason has started to write his thesis!


Sailor Sue said...

Hey Leah,
Thanks for the update. As usual lots happening with you guys. Someone should buy or make you dinner! Hey we've just learned all about fishing so next time we're sailing we'll also throw the line in. Look Out! Next visit I will be serving mahi mahi - maybe maybe.
Sailor Sue

Cindy said...


As for me, I have just been a bum about posting. It's not lack of desire and not even lack of interesting things going on in life (well, I guess the readers would be judge of that). I'd say, it's a matter of distraction, on my part. We are all busy, (so that's not a good excuse) and actually that means there are things to write and share.
I plan to recharge my posting activity. I hope others will too.
I still feel the family blog is a very good idea.