Friday, 6 April 2007

The Book is 'Done'

Hello all WRBs! Yes the book is done from my end and on time! That's the cover to the left. The publisher now has all the text and over a hundred diagrams and pictures. Whew! I expect there will be some re-writes or maybe they do all that. I don't actually know much about this publishing business. I'm working on the publisher and a friend in Chicago to get me into the book signing seminar at the Strictly Sail Show in Chicago end of January 08. That should be fun!

Today we will probably head to Georgetown, Exuma. That is one of those 'stops' where you can get things done on your boat. Then on to ..... not sure. Sue and I both look forward to reading this blog so WRITE it! We love reading what YOU are doing. We know what WE are doing.

Stay warm and GO CUBS!

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LeahC said...

can't wait to see what you kids find in georgetown!