Monday, 16 April 2007

A Story is Worth a Thousand Pictures

Ok. So here we are in George Town - Exumas, Bahamas. Not quite what I expected but ok anyway. I just thought it was going to be bigger. More options for boaters since hundreds of them show up every year. Maybe thousands. Anyway........

Last night I saw the biggest cochroach I’ve ever seen in my life. Ok. I was half asleep and not quite sure what I was looking at while turning on the light in the galley but it was BIG! Wait....was it one or two?

Well then.....last summer while we were living in Fort Myers Beach we first encountered the ‘cr’ or more commonly known as the f’n cockroach. Not sure how they got aboard but they did. Cardboard is a no-no and perhaps we brought some aboard that way. In any case there they were. EWWWWWWW! One night last summer when I couldn’t sleep (too much bourbon or the hot flashes were not agreeing with me) I got up and sat on the couch in the salon to read. Suddenly I thought I saw something moving on the floor. NAWwwww. Just a shadow. But then I saw it again. Hmmmm. I got the flashlight and shown it on the dark floor below me. SHEEEE-IIIIIIII-TTTTTT. It was a giagantic cochroach sitting right there below me. EEEWWWWW! I slowly got up fetched the fly swatter and whacked the be-jesusssssss out of the thing. The next day I put little ‘alluring boric acid pills’ every 6 inches of the boat. WHEW. Got rid of that nuisance. Or so I thought........

But wait. There’s never just one. I remember this from when I was a sophomore in college. My roommates JoAnn and Linda and I had a 3 bedroom apartment in the Loyola neighborhood of Chicago. It was a 3rd floor next to the ‘el’ and for Christmas we got a Christmas tree. Very nice. Except the temperature in the apartment was always at least 80 degrees all year round December being no exception. We decorated the tree with strung popcorn, cranberries, and whatever else we could find (wine corks, glitter, etc.). Well, one fine evening after the holidays when we were all back at the apartment we heard this pesty noise. Low and behold the christmas tree was a movin and groovin. The f’n cochroaches were having a feast with the popcorn and cranberries leaving no needles on the tree. EEEEEWWWWWW!!!

Well then. I should have learned my lesson. There’s never just one. So now back to our anchorage in George Town. Was this the extended family of cochroaches? I was just noticing that I hadn’t seen an f’n cochroach for months and then now here I see 2! What’s the deal?

They were huddled near the refrigerator lurking to do something terrible - I could just tell. I grabbed the fly swatter and beat the b’j’s’s out of the spot where I saw the buggers. Get out of my kitchen! I mean Galley! I mean Get Out!

I stood there for a few minutes with the light on waiting for retaliation. Nothing. You can never get satisfaction with these buggers.

Today I bought the biggest container of boric acid I could find. I sprayed the powder everywhere I could find a space in the galley that would not contaminate the food. Tomorrow we’ll see if I’ve been successful. Or maybe we’ll have to wait until next Christmas when we put up the tree.


LeahC said...

we haven't had too many problems with the f'n roaches....just some "water bugs" in our first apartment in Chicago which came up our drain in the tub....that was just about the time that we had gotten Dagny the Wonder Cat and so she would always jump in the tub after our showers like, "just try and come out you bitches and i'll eat you right up" We have had zero bug problems since we've had her :-) Great story. Thanks for posting!

Cindy said...

Sorry that you have been dealing with roachees but, I must admit, I enjoyed your description of "dancing with the roaches" (or is that stars?)
I thought maybe my encounters with roaches had come to a close. I spent many hours in inner city apartments sharing space with the little buggers while I did my visiting nurse stint in the early 70's.
Not so. My more recent experiences helping with the refugee families has reaquainted me with the tricks of staying out of direct contact with a roach.
To be sure...the refugee families do not like living with these skinny legged, creepy's their low income position that places them in the low income housing where roaches rule.
Now, Enee is NOT low income housing and Enee's landlords (especially the lady landlord) are determined to evict the stinkin even though "there are always two", they will NOT win!
Go, Sue!